MK Dhawan

Mr. MK Dhawan, with his extensive knowledge in construction chemicals, specializes in waterproofing solutions and expertly manages expansion joints to ensure structural integrity. 

As a seasoned professional in the construction chemical business and a recognized expert in waterproofing, I proudly serve as the Chairman of, an esteemed organization dedicated to waterproofing solutions. My role extends to leadership within the Waterproofers Association and as a key figure in the manufacturing of D-seal building expansion joints.

With a wealth of experience spanning two decades, I have established myself as a consultant to the real estate industry, assuming the role of CEO. My expertise lies in project sales, marketing, management, and consultancy, with a focus on optimizing manpower for superior results. Possessing exemplary management and marketing skills, my proficiency in the real estate industry encompasses diverse experiences in managing sales and marketing, business development, market research, competition study, and broker network management.

Key Achievements:

specialization in luxury and economy residential and commercial sales with a proven track record of timely project delivery.

successful penetration into international and new markets, reaching diverse audiences.

ensuring high aesthetic standards in the design of marketing collateral, projects, and communications.

expertise in identifying and cultivating relationships with reliable and financially robust channel partners to achieve business excellence.

extensive experience in exploring, training, and motivating sales teams, both domestic and international, including channel partners.


new product launch

selling luxury residential and commercial projects

Networking with investors, HNIs/NRIs

Channel Partner Management on domestic and international levels

Advertising and marketing strategy planning

utilization of all media across digital platforms, including social media, search engines, blogs, websites, and mobile platforms.